How to clean makeup brushes


How to clean makeup brushes

  Makeup brushes are used for makeup almost every day. It is inevitable that bacteria will grow on the brush head. When the brushes directly touch the skin, they will be brought to the skin. For girls with sensitive skin, it is easy to appear. Redness or itching sensation. Washing the makeup brush 1-2 times a week can effectively avoid damage to the skin.

  Also, when choosing the brush material of the makeup brush, you must choose according to the skin type of your skin. Don't choose a brush that is too hard or the material will irritate your skin. Whether it is skin care products or makeup tools, you need to make the correct selection according to the texture of your skin. Don't follow the trend. The result of following the trend will only make your skin worse and worse. To better protect.

  Whether it is skin care or makeup, you must use the correct method, including the cleaning of makeup tools, you must also take the correct cleaning method and choose a reasonable cleaning agent. This is not only a kind of protection for the tools, but more importantly. A kind of protection of personal skin, the effectiveness of skin care is actually more in the details.

1. The purpose of the makeup brush is different, and the cleaning method is different

(1) Soaking method: For dry powder brushes with less cosmetic residues, such as loose powder brushes and blush brushes.

(2) Rubbing method: For the use of cream-like brushes, such as foundation brushes, concealer brushes, eyeliner brushes, and lip brushes; or dry powder brushes with more cosmetic residues, such as eye shadow brushes.

(3) Dry cleaning method: For dry powder brushes with less cosmetic residues, and animal hair brushes that are not resistant to washing.

Second, the specific operation of immersion washing
(1) Fully soak the makeup brush

(2) Put a few drops of cleaning fluid on the bristles

(3) Rub with fingertips

(4) Clean in a circular manner

(5) Wrap it in a paper towel to absorb the moisture on the makeup brush

(6) Place the brush head down or lay it flat in a ventilated place to dry

Three, the specific operation of friction washing
(1) First soak the brush head with clean water, then pour the professional scrubbing water on the palm of your hand/washing pad

(2) Using the brush head, repeatedly make a circular motion on the palm/washing pad until foam is formed, and then rinse with water.

(3) Repeat steps 1 and 2 until the makeup brush is clean

(4) Finally, put it under the faucet and rinse it again, and dry it with a paper towel.

Fourth, the specific operation of dry cleaning
Clean sponge dry cleaning method:

Put the newly used makeup brush on the black sponge and wipe it clockwise a few times.

If the sponge is dirty, take it out and wash it.

The absorbent sponge in the middle is used to moisten the eye shadow brush for easy application of eye makeup, and is more suitable for eye shadows that are not colored.


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