How to choose four easy-to-use brushes necessary for beginners


How to choose four easy-to-use brushes necessary for beginners

  This issue mainly introduces you to "how to choose four easy-to-use brushes for beginners"

  Not every brush is as soft as possible. According to different effects, choosing the right hair quality and shape can create the most natural makeup. The quality of a makeup brush depends on the cutting, elasticity, and color performance of the bristles. It does not mean that a softer brush is a good brush. The most important thing is that this brush can get the makeup you want. effect.

  Here's how to choose a makeup brush suitable for novices:

(1) Foundation brush:


The choice of foundation brush should be harder and more elastic, and dense and thick synthetic fibers are the first choice, so that the foundation can be better dipped into the foundation and can create a more translucent makeup.


There are four types of brushes commonly used in foundation brushes, flat brush, flat brush, round brush, and oblique brush; for novices, the flat brush is the most suitable foundation brush.


Flat-headed brush has dense bristles, large contact area, easy to cover pores, no brush marks, suitable for novices. But it is only suitable for liquid foundation and dry powder, not for thick powder cream and foundation cream.


The flat brush has dense bristles and can be brushed to the hard-to-reach areas of the face. However, for novices, the strength and angle are not easy to grasp, and if the brush is not good, there may be obvious brush marks.


The round head brush has a large area, fast speed, strong covering power, and strong durability. However, if novices are not careful, it is easy to turn into a heavy makeup face.


The oblique brush is more suitable for the facial lines, but the loading speed is too slow. If you are not in a hurry, novices can consider it.

(2) Eye shadow brush:


The eyeshadow brush is used to outline the makeup of the eyes, and it is better to use a flat eyeshadow brush if you need it.

3) Blush brush:


The blush brush mainly plays a transitional role. In order to make your makeup look natural, its powder holding power does not need to be too strong, so you can choose a relatively soft brush with long hair.

(4) Loose paint:


 The loose powder brush plays a role in setting makeup. Choosing a loose powder brush with a fluffy round head is very comfortable and has a good setting effect.


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