How to choose makeup brush for novices

There are many types of makeup brushes, various brush types and various hair qualities. If a novice learns the functions and characteristics of each type and then chooses and combines them into a set of brushes for their own use, it will take too much time and energy. Especially for many patients with "difficult choice", they may be tortured to give up by the selection process before they even start using it.

So novices may wish to start with a set of brushes, usually a set of makeup brushes can meet the basic needs of daily makeup. Novices can learn about the common basic makeup brushes from these sets of brushes, and they can also feel which makeup brushes are needed to complete a makeup look during the use process. After you have tried two or three sets of brushes, you can select and combine a single makeup brush according to your preferences. A suitable and easy-to-use makeup brush can do more with less for makeup beginners, and it can be more handy for learning makeup. Sometimes when you watch makeup veterans brush a row of high-end atmosphere, there are dozens of makeup brushes of different sizes and shapes. In addition to being amazing, it actually has no effect on you.

So which bristles are more suitable as a novice?

First of all, animal hair is more suitable for applying dry powder. The makeup effect is more natural than fiber hair. However, animal hair brushes are not resistant to washing. For beginners, you must choose carefully. Generally, animal hair that is too low in price is of poor quality and too expensive. Beginners using the animal hair feel distressed. picture
Secondly, the fiber hair brush is very elastic. The picture and the current technology can be as soft as animal hair. It should be the first choice for makeup beginners. At present, most base makeup brushes are fiber hair because the base makeup is large. Most of them are liquid and paste, and animal hair is sticky and difficult to clean.

According to different parts and makeup requirements, makeup brushes are divided into foundation brushes, concealer brushes, loose powder brushes, eye contour brushes, eye smudge brushes, eyeliner brushes, eyebrow brushes, lip brushes, highlight brushes, shadow brushes and so on.

But for beginners, you only need basic brushes such as foundation brush, eye shadow brush, blush brush, loose powder brush, and smudge brush.

These brushes are enough for general beginners to make-up, and they can fully meet the needs of daily make-up. Beginners only need to use five brushes: foundation brush, eye shadow brush, blush brush, loose powder brush, and smudge brush to create a perfect makeup.

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